Wipstream Boost

Let our 4G LTE support your existing infrastructure, and get faster & more reliable internet to your clients.

Reduce Internet Lag

Strong Connection in Rural Areas

Uninterruptible Streaming

Pair your service with Wipstream Boost to offer your clients:

Always Consistent, No Gaps

Wipstream Boost adds bandwidth on demand to an existing connection to deliver the connection power your client needs.

Begin ID: a picture of the x750 device, a small white box with two antennae, which allows Wipstream customers to access faster internet through the Wipstream plan. End ID.

Simple Set-Up & Configuration

Your clients gain access to the device management portal, where they can see the state of their data plan, set their own passwords, purchase additional data, and manage access to their device. 

Continuous Bandwidth & Reduced Data Usage

Your clients will reduce their streaming data consumption by up to 40% with similar usage while keeping their connection consistent. More bandwidth and less loading wheels.

Deployment Plans

Wipstream Managed Plan

We will create and manage the subscription on your behalf.

$300 Device

$30 Setup

White Label

Include Wipstream in your existing product suite with pooled data for all your clients.

$40 Monthly

$30 Setup

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