Wipstream Mobile

For those on the go that need their internet away from home.

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Intelligent Data Management

Wipstream Mobile is mobile internet device and plan that takes advantage of the exclusive Wipstream Data Management software that will reduce the amount of cellular data you use when connected to the internet on our device.

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Wherever you like.

The Wipstream Mobile device creates a wifi hotspot wherever you are.

With the plan included with the device, you can have a data plan that adapts to your needs and never wastes a dime.

Data Bank

Wipstream Mobile comes with access to the Wipstream Data Bank, where you deposit your data into your device account and draw on it when you use it - not on a monthly basis – just like a coffee card!

Wipstream will let you know when you are close to emptying your data bank, and you can recharge it with data packs you can access online anywhere, anytime.

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Set Up

Set up is simple…..just plug it in and connect to it like you would connect to your home wifi. That's it!

You have access to a device management portal where you can see the state of your data plan, set your own passwords, purchase additional data packs and manage access to your device.

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Small but mighty

Wipstream Mobile is a complete mobile internet solution for the cabin, the camper, the car or the worksite. If you have a cellular signal, you will have the internet on Wipstream Mobile.

The cure for internet hiccups.

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