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How to set up your Wipstream Standard device

1.    Unpack the wipstream and install the antennas

2.    Assemble the electrical plug by clicking the blades into the block

3.    Plug the power cable into the wipstream

4.    Plug the power cable into 110v power

The wipstream will go through its boot sequence and when complete it will display all of the lights on the the face of the device when it is ready for setup.

5.    Open the camera on your cell phone

6.    Hover the camera over the QR code on the front of the wipstream

This will open a management  webpage on your cell phone

7.    Select “Manage my device”

You will now see a configuration page

8.    Select “Get Local Networks”

Wipstream will now look for your home internet connection and display it in the pop down menu

9.    Select your home network

10.  Enter your home internet password

11.  Select “Save changes”

Wipstream will now reboot and save the connection and password you have selected.

12.  After wipstream reboots, connect your phone, computers, television etc to the WS Standard connection – enter the password.

NB – you can plug an internet cable from the “LAN” port on your home internet router into the “WAN” port on the wipstream for a cable connection. There is no setup required for this.

However, please ensure that the wipstream is in a position that cell signal is not blocked (ie: don’t put it in the basement).

Wipstream is now ready to give you better internet!

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