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If your only option for internet connection is a satellite, you may have been frustrated by slow speeds and dropped connections due to atmospheric interference and the limitations of high orbit satellites.

Many of these plans also have a soft cap on  “high speed” data that reduces your connection speed once you reach your data allocation. Generally, the usability of the connection is pretty limited at “low speed” after you reach your data cap. Wipstream has been designed specifically with this, and you, in mind.

Using the latest channel bonding and data management technology (combining two streams of internet data while reducing  the amount of data you use), Wipstream allows you to enjoy everything you like to do online.

What Wipstream does is pretty simple: it uses your current internet connection to it’s fullest potential while also cutting down on the amount of data you use (cutting your data usage by up to 50%), while also feeding in LTE (cell data) when it’s needed.

What does that mean?

A more stable and much faster internet connection.

Let’s look at an example with a satellite Internet connection with 100GB of data per month: We’ve seen users on this type of connection regularly consume more than their 100GB limit in a month. After equipping their connection with Wipstream, we saw satellite data consumption drop to 48GB in that period, and they’ve also only used 10GB of LTE data from the device. The user was able to have two computers online at the same time while also streaming Netflix movies, where previously their system would not support two computers online at the same time.  The biggest benefit they reported has been the ability to keep using the internet even when satellite connection has gone down - as Wipstream fills the connectivity gap automatically!

The capabilities of Wipstream to make your internet better are pretty cool; you don’t have to have internet with bad connection and dropped service anymore. If you’re looking to find a solution to your internet connection, Wipstream should be on your list.

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