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Wipstream improves your internet service by bringing in bandwidth from the cellular system when you need it to maintain your quality of service. Your Wipstream device will begin to use some cellular data when your primary system can’t keep up with your demand – such as starting up a group of movies or setting up a video call. The system tries very hard to keep all of your data usage in your primary channel but adds what is needed to make your experience acceptable.

Data Usage

Data usage depends on the performance of your primary service (DSL, Fixed wireless, satellite) and what Wipstream needs to do to keep your quality and experience acceptable. For example, if you have the family over on the weekend and the kids all connect to your internet the load is going to increase well beyond your normal usage – Wipstream will add cell data as required to keep them happy. As they come on the internet and leave, Wipstream keeps providing data from the primary service first before using cell data.

Another situation is for people that have limited data pool from their primary service. Wipstream will first use its data management tools to reduce data usage (by up to 50%) to keep you operating in “high speed” data for as long as possible. If you reach the “high speed” data limit Wipstream will add cellular data to keep your service running.

How Much Data Will I Save?

Every user is different and but we have seen an average of 7– 10 GB of cellular data used per month by a Wipstream installation. Your data is provided on a pay as you go basis but unlike regular telco plans the data remains in your bucket until you use it. You can buy data packs from wipstream for as little as $2 per GB and only add more when you want.

Note: Data purchased on Wipstream does not expire.

You can see how much data you have used and how much is left in your bucket any time by hovering your cell phone camera over the QR code on the device. If your available bucket drops below 5GB you will receive a text message with a connection to the Wipstream store to allow you purchase a data pack.

So you will have a small cost for the data that your Wipstream uses but you can be sure that the only time Wipstream will use your data is when it is making your internet better!

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