Expands your bandwidth

Give your home the power to do everything it needs to. By drawing from multiple data streams at once, wipstream opens up your internet connection to let you do more of what you love.

More streaming performance and responsiveness

No more buffering. No more waiting. For work or play, wipstream improves your network responsiveness. Get speed and consistency, wherever you are.

Makes your data go further than ever

Save money, use less data. By minimizing your data usage and with the exclusive “data bank” data plan, wipstream helps you conserve more data and spend less.

A simple and mighty connectivity solution.

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Better Performance

Increases your online performance to perform multiple activities at once.

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Faster Upload and Download Speeds

Gives you more speed, whatever you need it for.

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More Stability and Power

Combines multiple data streams to provide a more stable and powerful connection.

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Hotspot and Home

Enhance your home connection or use as a hotspot when travelling.

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Intelligent Data Monitoring

Carefully monitors how you use your data and helps you save more.

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Dedicated Support

Feel at ease with our dedicated product and account support.

The cure for internet hiccups.

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