We are making better internet accessible for everyone.

The world is full of connections.
We're here to make them stronger.
Our purpose is to improve people's journey online, wherever they are.

Our Mission

To improve access to high-speed internet for all.

As one of our most powerful tools for connection, access to the internet has become a fundamental human right.

However, many of us don't enjoy the same online experience as everyone else. In Canada alone, many are still constrained by legacy networks, social patterns, location, and unique infrastructural challenges.

We believe this has to change.

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Begin ID: The Neducation logo. It is the word written in bold lowercase, with the letter "e" in a forest green, and rotated counterclockwise about 25 degrees. Neducation was founded in 2017. End ID.
Our Story

Where we're coming from.

Led by our Founder Joe Donlevy, Needextradata Systems (Ned) has helped connect people challenged by location, demographic and internet infrastructure. Since 2017, we've developed student engagement programs to help disadvantaged students succeed, under the name neducation.

Wipstream was born from the lessons we learned working with over 50 school boards in Canada, designing and implementing connectivity solutions for these rural and remote communities.

Our Future

Building better connections for the world.

Everyone deserves connection.

We deeply understand the problems our users face – slow response times, unreliable connections, poor data availability – and recognize the effect this can have on their lives.

We believe people should never be held back from better internet because they lack access - financially, socially, or technologically - and are working to build a better connected world for all.

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