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Wipstream Backup
Automatic LTE Failover to eliminate downtime
Begin ID: a photo of the Cirrus 300, a device used by wipstream to take care of business failover. End ID.
Wipstream Boost
Enhance standard internet with more bandwidth
Begin ID: a picture of the x750 device, a small white box with two antennae, which allows Wipstream customers to access faster internet through the Wipstream plan. End ID.

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Wipstream devices work seamlessly with any market or infrastructure. Simple set-up for your service teams or have customers self-install with ease.




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Brennan G

I have very fast internet at home so I use my Wipstream when I travel, the speeds are great and it allows me to do everything I normally would at home from the road. It works brilliantly!

Chris D

Wipstream allows me to game on the road. I played Overwatch for an hour and only used 80 MB of data - that's nuts. Keep up the good work guys!

Ross W

Our TV works perfectly no matter who is on the internet – this didn’t happen before we got Wipstream. I love the way I can take it to the lake as a mobile wifi.

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