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Wipstream Backup
Automatic LTE Failover to eliminate downtime
Begin ID: a photo of the Cirrus 300, a device used by wipstream to take care of business failover. End ID.
Wipstream Boost
Enhance standard internet with more bandwidth
Begin ID: a picture of the x750 device, a small white box with two antennae, which allows Wipstream customers to access faster internet through the Wipstream plan. End ID.

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Wipstream devices work seamlessly with any market or infrastructure. Simple set-up for your service teams or have customers self-install with ease.




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Mark K

We struggled with very slow internet for years. The Wipstream device has dramatically improved our internet speeds! We are now able to stream and zoom with a much more stable connection. The customer service that we have received has been amazing! Top Notch!

Brayden T

Wipstream is an absolute necessity for rural internet especially if you have internet speeds less than 20 Mbps. We were on Sasktel fusion and our signal dropped 5 times a month, after we got wipstream that number dropped to 0, never dropped connection after. Wipstream is easy to setup and support team is great to work with very helpful. Price of equipment and monthly bill is great value for what you are getting, sustainable internet connection.

Alex S

We installed a Wipstream Backup in our business where we can't lose internet or 30 people can't do their jobs. I've been able to stop worrying since we installed it.

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